Bathshed’s Guide to Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing your bathroom paint colors. Bathrooms should be a space for relaxation – somewhere to begin your day, and unwind at the end of it. In this blog we look at various bathroom color scheme ideas, from how to make a statement to how to create a relaxing, tranquil space.

Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for your Bathroom

When deciding on a color scheme for your bathroom the two most important factors to take into consideration are natural light and the size of your bathroom. Evaluating how much natural light you have available will guide you to the perfect shade. If you have a windowless or darker space, it’s best to choose lighter, neutral colors in order to liven up your space.

Try to avoid dark colors such as black and navy as this can give your bathroom a dark, uninviting look. Small and narrow bathrooms are best suited to lighter shades of paint including blues, greys and off whites. The simpler the better! 

If you have a small bathroom, going for lighter colors give the illusion of a larger space; white reflects light instead of absorbing it. Going too busy with contrasting colors and tiles will make your small space look too cluttered.

Layers and split color schemes are a great option for small bathrooms as this will add texture and make your bathroom appear larger. Panelling is a great option for this, which is a trend we’ve been seeing a lot of in 2021, as it helps to give your small bathroom more character.

Take a look at this smaller cloakroom featuring our Kubix White Cloakroom Suite, which combines white tiling with teal paint which gives the room more dimension.

It’s important that your bathroom colors complement each other. Use the color wheel to your advantage; it will help you to see which colors complement each other. Colors opposite each other create a bold, contrasting look, whereas colors next to each other blend well together. Once you’ve decided on the hue, layering different shades of that color will give your bathroom more texture and depth.

If you’re still struggling to choose a color scheme for your bathroom, this list of trendy design ideas should help guide your decision

Dulux announced ‘Brave Ground’ as their color for 2021, a warm earthy tone that is the perfect neutral to build upon. We recommend pairing it with one of our Oak Vanity Units for the perfect combination of clean lines and natural materials which are bang on trend.

A reoccurring trend from 2020 playful and bright, pink bathroom color schemes can give the illusion of more light in a bathroom and adds an inviting allure. Pink doesn’t have to overwhelm the room, consider a pink flashback or a feature wall to add a hint of pink without it being too over the top. Light pink is a cool color, for a warmer feel; use earthy pinks such as terracotta or copper.

Emerald green and sage are the on trend bathroom paint colors for 2021. Green is a color of growth, and has the power to make you feel enlivened and peaceful – what more do you need on a dreary morning?! Green looks especially great in bathrooms when contrasted against white sanitary ware. 

Our popular Turin Dark Emerald Wall Hung Vanity range combines clean lines and a beautifully simple design, creating an understated, minimalistic look which will enhance all bathroom concepts. Available in two options; the first comes with ceramic basin included and the second  with a marble work top that gives the freedom to choose you own basin perfect for adding some personality to your space.

Blue gives off a calm and relaxing atmosphere, reflecting the colors of the sky and water. Our range of Stockholm Ocean Blue Vanity Units are the perfect choice to ensure that the color doesn’t take over as sometimes blue may come across as cold and uninviting

Using a navy blue creates a beautiful contrast against white’s sanitaryware and adds a regal, luxurious feeling to your bathroom setting. Our Turin Midnight Blue Wall Hung Vanity units add more depth than lighter blues, but have the same tranquil effect. 

Although untraditional, incorporating black into your bathroom is sure to make a statement. Black bathroom colors are sophisticated and luxurious, but for smaller bathrooms be wary as they may darken your space.

Instead, we advise to incorporate black with black fittings such as black taps and shower kits, or perhaps a dark feature tile wall to avoid black taking over the whole room. If you are blessed with a bigger space the Nera Freestanding Matt Black Bath is the perfect center piece for your bathroom, its contemporary design, high quality finish and sublime sleek lines make it the perfect choice for any modern design.

While white is the traditional choice for bathrooms, creating a feeling of space and a blank canvas, sometimes it can look bland. We recommend using an off-white and layering different tones to give more contrast for example a colored tile splash back of introducing Black and Gold sanitaryware.

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