Modern Vs Traditional Bathroom Design

Modern Vs Traditional

The foundation of any bathrooms style or theme is typically its suite; it will define your bathrooms atmosphere. Other aspects such as lighting and your color palette simply build upon the style outlined by your suites dominant features; this is why it is vital to thoroughly think about your decision.

  • Who are you designing your bathroom for?
  • What do you need from your bathroom space?
  • What do you want the space to say about you?
  • How is this bathroom design going to fit in with the rest of your home?

You need to take into consideration what elements of your bathroom your want to retain and emphasize. Perhaps you have a window feature that you had never taken advantage of before to open up the space in your bathroom, or a freestanding bath you can’t bear to part taking some time to research and plan will give you an indication of how you can successfully incorporate it into your new design.

Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern and contemporary design trend toward minimalism, and feature clean lines, natural materials and a neutral color palette. Typically modern spaces favor open floor plans, minimizing clutter feeling air, spacious and clean.

Contemporary bathroom suites are more modern and edgy in appearance. Choosing more angular styles with clean lines they often come in a selection of unconventional and exciting shapes, they use design and style innovation to break with décor conventions and challenge expectation.

The Alannah Freestanding Bath Suite is the perfect example of a modern bathroom suite. Seeking to challenge and excite with its bold appearance the freestanding tub is certain to become an eye-catching centerpiece within your space.

It avoids traditional design feature in favor of modern innovations such as dual eco flushes that help to save water with each flush, the modern slipper bath has no tap holes, is designed for use with exciting wall mounted waterfall taps or floor-standing bath taps.

Traditional pedestal basins are replaced by bold basin designs favoring eccentric shapes and revolutionary Vanity Units for extra storage space. Recent trends have seen a rise in the increase of popularity of Gold and Matt Black bathroom hardware.

Traditional Bathroom Designs

Traditional bathrooms merge a classic, tranquil appearance but with reliable modern mechanisms. Contrary to the modern bathroom design, traditional suites contain more traditional-style materials and conventional design elements such as Pedestal Basins, slipper baths and Close Coupled Toilets.

Creating a more relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with softer edges and rounded features that seamlessly fit into any space. White is the dominant color of the traditional bathrooms color palette with softer palette shades used in combination with traditional wood finishes.

The Westbury Traditional Freestanding Bath Suite is a brilliant example of a traditional bathroom suite. With the neutral traditional color pallet in mind white is the dominating color that can be paired a softer tile or paint.

However in recent times we have seen the increase in people opting for richer, more regal colors to complement their traditional bathroom suite for an alternative design.

Regardless of whichever bathroom design you choose, the finishing touches are what bring the whole look together. Consider swapping out bland bathroom towels for a splash of color to brighten up a traditional bathroom design. When finishing off a modern bathroom get creative with your lighting, the Marino LED Mirror is the perfect finishing touch for any contemporary space.

The Marino LED Mirror Black Frame 800mm

As the bathroom is a central feature within any home, its design will have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your entire home and right at the heart of your bathrooms style is your bathroom suite.

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