Bathshed’s Top Tips for Planning Your New Bathroom Layout

When envisioning your dream bathroom whether it be a new build or a renovation, establishing a realistic bathroom idea is the best place to start.

Drawing up a bathroom floor plan is the most effective way to see how all the different elements of your bathroom layout will come together in your dedicated space.

And no you do not have to be an artist; all it takes is a few measurements and a simple sketch to bring your vision to life. We have assembled a list of tips to remember when making your initial bathroom floor plans and some bathroom layout ideas that might just spark your creativity.

  1. Measure your space!

This first step is crucial for the success of your bathroom layout. All measurements need to be accurate so grab a tape measure and get to it, your bathroom’s dimensions may shock you!

You may discover that your previous bathroom layout was poorly thought out and not maximising the space you have available, or you may find that your space was smaller than expected and the spacious shower or freestanding bath you envisioned just are not going to fit.

  1. Review what elements are most important to you.

Begin by evaluating your current bathroom layout and what components you prioritise and those that you could live without. You may come to the realisation that your bathtub is purely there for aesthetics, if this is so you should leave the tub out of your bathroom plans and consider a larger shower.

Recent bathroom designs have seen showers lavishly tiled some with a seat for comfort proving that you do not need a freestanding tub as the focal point of your bathroom.

Next think about things that would make your bathroom that bit better, if you had space what little luxuries would you incorporate into your new design.

  1. Choose suitable components.

After measuring your bathroom and determining what elements are most important to you know it is time to choose your new, exciting fittings. Choosing a new bathroom suite is always a thrilling experience but you need to think tactfully, checking the size of everything you choose to make sure it is a sensible decision.

If you cannot bear to sacrifice your bathtub you may want to consider an L-shaped bath instead. Bathshed’s innovative L-shaped shower baths from Sonas Bathrooms come in both left- and right-hand orientations making them a great space-saving solution for compact bathrooms.

  1. Place components to maximise space.

When you have a rough idea of what components would make up your ideal suite you can draw up your floor plan. The perfect floor plan takes everything into consideration to maximise your space, avoiding pitfalls such as forgetting what way your shower door needs to open.

Think about storage, compact and minimalist vanity units will not dominate the room although, they are a fantastic way to maximize every inch available as they create the effect of your bathroom having a larger area.

Do not cram in fittings spend time researching products that will make the most of your space and revising your plan to find something that is perfect for you.

Bathroom Layout Inspiration

Practical Small Bathroom Layout

Any small bathroom layout should utilise the space available by using slimline alternatives to all your essentials. Baths are typically best tucked away at the back of the room against a wall to give the illusion of more space. Standard baths or alternatively an L or P-Shaped Shower Bath give you more opportunities to save space by providing a smaller footprint.

The bath tucked away at the back of the room, can be a standard bath or, alternatively, a compact shower bath giving you multiple options with a small footprint. Adjacent to this and facing each other you will find a compact sink and wall-hung toilet; both freeing up floor space without sacrificing any functionality.

Family Orientated Bathroom Layout

A family bathroom needs to be functional and pack a lot of storage space. Open floor space is essential for avoiding trips and falls, you will find a compact back-to-wall toilet and sink accompanied by a slimline vanity that doubles up as handy storage space. A mirror cabinet is another way to keep clutter at a minimum and out of reach of children.

Bathshed’s family bathroom layout is all about simplicity and organisation. We recommend swapping out your standard bathroom mirror to a mirror cabinet – the best way to keep medicines and other potentially harmful items out of the reach of children. Completing the bathroom with an L or P-Shaped Shower bath gives you more opportunities to save space and is practical for larger families who may have different preferences.

Indulgent Freestanding Bathroom Layout

Prominent in larger spaces, this bathroom layout sees the user’s choice of freestanding bathtub used as a focal point. The idea of this design is less about practicality and more about indulging in the finer things in life, minimalistic components are used to eliminate clutter for a more open, tidy space.

Featuring freestanding tubs that range in style from vintage-inspired clawfoot designs​ ​to contemporary shapes, these bathrooms are the definition of luxury.

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