Bathshed’s Vanity Unit Buying Guide

Hyde 550mm Floorstanding Vanity Unit Charcoal

Vanity units provide extra storage space in your bathroom, both with cupboards, drawers, and countertops for keeping your everyday solutions close to hand. In some cases they can even provide a dual usage, hiding away unattractive pipework. Coming in a wide range of heights, widths, and depths there are loads of options to fit your space.

As well as being functional, vanity units add life to your bathroom, With the choice between traditional and contemporary styles and the increasing popularity of colored units, we are certain we have a style that will suit your preferences. If you are looking for something alternative, countertop basins are increasing in popularity.

Measuring and Installing Your Vanity

Vanity units come in all shapes and sizes, making them a staple piece for your bathroom whether it is a large or small space. When choosing a unit make sure to carefully measure the space double check your measurements to ensure your fitting the vanity that is right for you.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the space needed to open the door and drawers!

If you have a lot of space available a large vanity is sure to have a strong visual impact, introducing colour or a unique design will be sure to make it your new focal point. Larger options are also great for storage meaning you have more bathroom essentials on hand but hidden to prevent clutter.

Although, there are lots of options for smaller bathrooms too, with the increase in popularity of cloakrooms and smaller bathroom spaces the innovation for smaller bathroom units has increased. A simple slimline vanity will look great in a smaller space while providing that well-needed extra storage space.

Different Styles

Here at Bathshed, we have a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, so you can find the right piece to fit in with the style of your bathroom. We have a range of white- and neutral-colored units which are perfect for a fresh minimalistic, bathroom. Although on the other hand in recent years the popularity of coloured vanities has increased therefore so has our range of colours including green, blue, red, burgundy, sapphire, khaki, and ocean blue.

Contemporary Vs Traditional

Contemporary vanity units are fresh and include modern features such as a fresh colour palette, concealed drawers/handles, clean lines, and a variety of finishes. A white gloss finish is perfect for a clean, modern look, while black adds a designer, alternative flare. The stunning exterior of the Stockholm 2 Door Ocean Blue Vanity Unit will completely transform your bathroom into a modern space with its exciting colour and handle options.

On the other hand, traditional units are timeless designs that seldom go out of fashion. Including features such as elegant handles, panelling, and oblique edges they come in a number of stunning finishes adding a touch of class of any space. Our Dunluce Freestanding Vanity in White is a stunning example of traditional Victorian features and is ideal for providing a timeless feel in any bathroom.

Freestanding Vs Wall Hung?

Our Gotti Collection pictured above is available in both Freestanding and Wall-hung options, coming in three finishes they’re the perfect storage solution for hiding clutter.

Freestanding Vanity Units are quite common in the UK. They’re perfect for adding a classic look to any space and easier to install too. In many ways, freestanding units can dictate the whole design of your bathroom, but do not worry at Bathshed you’re spoilt for choice finding the new focal point for your space is easy!

Although Wall Hung Vanities are fast becoming a favorite of homeowners, offering a more minimalistic, designer appearance they are perfect for any modern bathroom. Popular in smaller spaces, they enhance the sense of space by appearing to float while also keeping floor space clear.

Of course, before considering you must check if your chosen wall is able to support the weight of a new wall-hung vanity unit, it’s best to consult a qualified and experienced trade professional for help.

If you’re refitting your bathroom, coordinated furniture is a must! Looking for a coordinated storage solution, why not take a look at our bathroom furniture packages.

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