Top Bathroom Trends For 2022

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The start of a new year brings a new beginning of popular bathroom trends. In this article we discuss what’s in style and how you can implement these looks in your own home. If you’re starting a new bathroom renovation or a self build, Bathshed is here to make sure your home is bang on trend!

In this section we discuss:

  • Brushed Brass Heated Towel Rails
  • Colourful Baths
  • Wall Mounted Taps
  • Deep Blue Tones
  • Round LED Mirrors
  • Wall Hung Toilets
  • Statement Countertop Basins
  • Coloured Frame Shower Screens

Brushed Brass Heated Towel Rails

Brushed brass towel rails were often only found within luxury hotel bathrooms. However, they’ve snuck into top bathroom trends of 2022 thanks to being practical and super stylish within modern-style homes.

Brushed brass towel rails are not just easy on the eye. They act as a storage component, provide warmth and maintain hygiene by decreasing the chance of damp growth.

Colourful Baths

White baths have always been the go-to, however, on-trend bathroom designs include a different approach. Colourful baths are a simple way to express your individual style and instantly make your space your own. The vast majority of our Livari baths have a custom colour option, so if you’d like to find out further info on this option, contact us today. Below are a few options we have available on our site.

Wall Mounted Taps

Whether you’re sprucing up an old basin or completing a full renovation, wall-mounted taps create a modern and lasting impression. The simplistic design of our range of Wall Mounted Basin Taps saves space for you to introduce other features to your bathroom and frees up basin space.

Deep Blue Tones

In the past, lighter blue tones have taken over bathrooms, such as sky blue, turquoise and baby blue. However, in recent months a deeper blue shade has become a rising favourite for bathroom items such as vanity units. This is due to the rich undertones that can introduce a glamourous feel to a bathroom. 

Round LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are a trendy addition to bathrooms and have been for a while now. They’re elegant and functional, however, round LED mirrors can fit into smaller spaces and have a softer, more subtle appeal than rectangular styles.

If your bathroom is in need of a small update, we have a range of LED Illuminated Anti-Fog Mirrors. They boast a smart touch button to activate the LED lighting and a de-mist pad to prevent the mirror from fogging. With warm and cool lighting options to choose from, these LED mirrors will immediately add practicality and a touch of luxury to your space.

Wall Hung Toilets

If you’re short on space, wall-hung toilets are the ideal solution. The conceled cisterns which are purchased alongside these toilets frees up space as they eliminate standards cisterns that sometimes can be bulky. Full access around and beneath the pan eases cleaning and creates a minimalist, effortless look. A wall hung toilet is ideal if you’re looking to make a real statement in your bathroom. With a range of contemporary wall mounted WCs to choose from, their unique design and ultra-modern appeal will help you create a chic, modern look, with both quality and value for money assured.

Statement Countertop Basins

A distinctive and stylish way to change the mood of your space, colourful basins are now available in more colours, shapes, and sizes than ever before. Adding a well-chosen one to even the most conservative of bathrooms can provide you with an instant style boost. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or just wanting to spruce up a tired bathroom, adding a coloured basin can provide your space with a host of advantages over a standard white one. 

Coloured Frame Shower Screens

Coloured frames offer a fresh take on shower screens, combing luxury with an industrial chic look. In the past, standard chrome frames were the go to for shower screens, however people are now opting for a black/brushed brass finish to completely match up with the rest of their bathroom accessories. 

Is your home ready for 2022’s bathroom trends?

Whether you want a quick update or a full renovation, our predicted trends can help create your ideal bathroom design.

Will bathrooms of 2022 become statement spaces or remain humble? Will traditional styles take over modern looks? Make sure to come back to the Bathshed’s Tips & Advice Section to find out. 

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